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The plugin has a separate plugin for testing which is present in the addons/tester/ folder.

Enable testing

Enable the Mongo Godot Driver Tester addon in the Plugins section of ProjectSettings.

This helper plugin supports 3 different testing modes:

  • Single Script
  • Single Folder
  • Recursive Folders


Open the script in addons/tester/ folder and modify the variables:


    The path to a single script or folder to test


    The prefix of the test file names


    The suffix of the test file names


    The test mode to use

Run tests

  • From Editor

    Run the Test.tscn scene which is in the addons/tester/ folder.

  • From Terminal

    Quicker method

    Simply run the run_tests.bat file in the scripts/ folder instead of the below method.

    To run the tester from terminal, ensure you have godot on the environment path variable and run the below command. Replace <PATH_TO_YOUR_GODOT_PROJECT> with the path to your Godot project.

    godot --no-window --path <PATH_TO_YOUR_GODOT_PROJECT> addons/tester/Test.tscn

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