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From Github

  1. Download the code

    Download the repo from the master or Releases section
    Download the repo as a zip file

  2. Add to project

    Copy the mongo-driver-godot folder from the addons folder from the downloaded zip to the addons folder in the directory of your Godot project. If your project does not already have a addons folder, make a new one. Your project folder should look something like this:
    example project structure

  3. There is NO need to enable the plugin in ProjectSettings. You might need to close and open the project for the GDNative classes to register.

  4. Minmal Example

    Use the following snippet to connect to a database:

    extends Control
    func _ready() -> void:
       var driver: MongoDriver =
       var connection: MongoConnection = driver.connect_to_server("mongodb://localhost:27017")

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