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Extends: Reference


Base class with helper functions for MongoDB

Method Descriptions

is_error (static)

func is_error(obj)

ObjectId (static)

func ObjectId(id) -> Dictionary

Date (static)

func Date(date) -> Dictionary

Set (static)

func Set(dict) -> Dictionary

Cmp (static)

func Cmp(val) -> Dictionary

Eq (static)

func Eq(val) -> Dictionary

Lt (static)

func Lt(val) -> Dictionary

Lte (static)

func Lte(val) -> Dictionary

Gt (static)

func Gt(val) -> Dictionary

Gte (static)

func Gte(val) -> Dictionary

In (static)

func In(val) -> Dictionary

Nin (static)

func Nin(val) -> Dictionary

Ne (static)

func Ne(val) -> Dictionary

And (static)

func And(val) -> Dictionary

Or (static)

func Or(val) -> Dictionary

Not (static)

func Not(val) -> Dictionary

Nor (static)

func Nor(val) -> Dictionary

DateAdd (static)

func DateAdd(val)

DateDiff (static)

func DateDiff(val)

DateFromParts (static)

func DateFromParts(val)

DateFromString (static)

func DateFromString(val)

DateSubtract (static)

func DateSubtract(val)

DateToParts (static)

func DateToParts(val)

DateToString (static)

func DateToString(val)

DateTrunc (static)

func DateTrunc(val)

DayOfMonth (static)

func DayOfMonth(val)

DayOfWeek (static)

func DayOfWeek(val)

DayOfYear (static)

func DayOfYear(val)

Hour (static)

func Hour(val)

IsoDayOfWeek (static)

func IsoDayOfWeek(val)

IsoWeek (static)

func IsoWeek(val)

IsoWeekYear (static)

func IsoWeekYear(val)

Millisecond (static)

func Millisecond(val)

Minute (static)

func Minute(val)

Month (static)

func Month(val)

Second (static)

func Second(val)

ToDate (static)

func ToDate(val)

Subtract (static)

func Subtract(val)

CurrentDate (static)

func CurrentDate(val) -> Dictionary

Inc (static)

func Inc(val) -> Dictionary

Min (static)

func Min(val) -> Dictionary

Max (static)

func Max(val) -> Dictionary

Mul (static)

func Mul(val) -> Dictionary

Multiply (static)

func Multiply(val) -> Dictionary

Rename (static)

func Rename(val) -> Dictionary

SetOnInsert (static)

func SetOnInsert(val) -> Dictionary

All (static)

func All(val) -> Dictionary

ElemMatch (static)

func ElemMatch(val) -> Dictionary

Size (static)

func Size(val) -> Dictionary

AddToSet (static)

func AddToSet(val) -> Dictionary

Pop (static)

func Pop(val) -> Dictionary

Pull (static)

func Pull(val) -> Dictionary

Push (static)

func Push(val) -> Dictionary

PullAll (static)

func PullAll(val) -> Dictionary

ArrayElemAt (static)

func ArrayElemAt(val)

ArrayToObject (static)

func ArrayToObject(val)

ConcatArrays (static)

func ConcatArrays(val)

Filter (static)

func Filter(val)

First (static)

func First(val)

IndexOfArray (static)

func IndexOfArray(val)

IsArray (static)

func IsArray(val)

Last (static)

func Last(val)

Map (static)

func Map(val)

ObjectToArray (static)

func ObjectToArray(val)

Range (static)

func Range(val)

Reduce (static)

func Reduce(val)

ReverseArray (static)

func ReverseArray(val)

Slice (static)

func Slice(val)

Zip (static)

func Zip(val)

Each (static)

func Each(val) -> Dictionary

Position (static)

func Position(val) -> Dictionary

Sort (static)

func Sort(val) -> Dictionary

Exists (static)

func Exists(val) -> Dictionary

Type (static)

func Type(val) -> Dictionary

Expr (static)

func Expr(val) -> Dictionary

JsonSchema (static)

func JsonSchema(val) -> Dictionary

Regex (static)

func Regex(val, options: String = "") -> Dictionary

Text (static)

func Text(val) -> Dictionary

Where (static)

func Where(val) -> Dictionary

Comment (static)

func Comment(val) -> Dictionary

Rand (static)

func Rand(val) -> Dictionary

GetField (static)

func GetField(val) -> Dictionary

SampleRate (static)

func SampleRate(val) -> Dictionary

Accumulator (static)

func Accumulator(val) -> Dictionary

Function (static)

func Function(val) -> Dictionary

MergeObjects (static)

func MergeObjects(val) -> Dictionary

SetField (static)

func SetField(val) -> Dictionary

Match (static)

func Match(val) -> Dictionary

Sum (static)

func Sum(val) -> Dictionary

Group (static)

func Group(val) -> Dictionary

Avg (static)

func Avg(val) -> Dictionary


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