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Following are the instructions to build the plugin from source. The plugin can be built for Windows, Linux and OSX. But due to certain circumstances its only released for Windows x64.


  1. Knowledge about building godot-cpp (See C++ example)
  2. Required tools like python, scons, c++ compiler, etc.



Visual Studio 16 2019

  1. Clone the repo

    Clone the Github repo

    git clone --recurse-submodules

  2. Run setup

    Open a x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2019 and navigate to the extracted repo folder and run the command:

    This will build the godot-cpp bindings and mongo-cxx-driver which are needed by the plugin.

  3. Build the plugin

    To build the plugin itself run the command:

    scons target=release platform=windows -j8

  4. Run test project

    Open the project.godot file in the project/ folder using Godot to open the test project.


Contribute instructions.


Contribute instructions.

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